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24 November 2015


A dedication that makes us very proud comes from Vittorio Calogero, author of the book ‘The Art of Longevity’ and longstanding loyal customer of La Finestra sul Cielo.
He is a man constantly travelling and looking for the new, pioneer of Macrobiotics and forever committed to gaining experience useful to promoting health and the development of human potential.

He has written a book that we highly recommend and here give you a little taster:

“The way to longevity is not paved with miracle pills and plastic surgery but is a path that we build day in day out with a healthy lifestyle, by taking care of ourselves and reminding ourselves that must sometimes laugh and that we must always strive for serenity. The roots of a long and healthy life are nutrition, movement and a rich inner life. The basic starting point is the everyday: eat well, move around, breathe right and meditate. But what to eat?
This is not an boring manual, it is a fascinating kaleidoscope of colourful tips for a long life based on the experience of a man who has learned to take care of himself and the people around him.”


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