Organic Wasabi Sauce In Tube

Wasabi sauce is a Japanese condiment, wellknown for its strong and spicy characteristics. The paste, in a handy small tube, can be used immediately, in addition to sushi,sashimi, soba and tempura.

Salsa wasabi biologica in pasta pronta all'uso.

  • Code: 1TUWASA
  • Quantity: 30g

Tech notes

Barley malt *, water, wasabi (Wasabia japonica)* (10%), horseradish *, mustard *, salt, sunflower oil *, rice vinegar* (water, brown rice *, koji (Aspergillus oryzae) ), chili powder *, turmeric root powder*.

Once opened store in the fridge.

  • Dietary fibers (gr) 5.4
  • Soluble carbohydrates (gr) 24
  • Carbohydrates tot. 35
  • Energia Kcal 241
  • Energia Kj 1014
  • Lipids tot. 7.3
  • Protein tot. (gr) 6.1
  • Saturated tot. (gr) 1.1

You can use as it is in addition to sushi,sashimi and tempura or as an ingredients in prepartion of sauces.

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