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22 June 2015


The past 4 September 2014, we were nominated Italian “National Champion” in the section Environmental & Corporate Sustainability at the European Business Awards, the prestigious event that rewards excellence, innovation and best management practice.

The European Business Awards, at its 8th edition, promotes the development of a strong and successful entrepreneurial community across Europe, focussing on the best companies by awarding them for their achievements.
In 2014, over 24,000 companies from 33 different European countries were involved, 709 of which were selected for the final stages; La Finestra sul Cielo was among these.
It is an achievement we are very proud of, it rewards the great effort we put every day into fulfilling our mission, and highlights the quality of the work we do to satisfy customers and consumers, in a delicate sector such as the organic food sector that carries great responsibilities.

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