26 January 2016


FunnyVegan, the world's leading newspaper in vegan lifestyle, has organized, on Monday 25 January at Medagliani Hotel and Catering School, a conference dedicated to the catering and hotel staff, to tell the new market trends and introduce innovative products.
La Finestra sul Cielo has been called upon to support the initiative, receiving recognition for the professionalism and decades of experience gained in the field of the biological world and especially the vegan one.

30 November 2015


Sunday 22 November, at Teatro delle Briciole in Parma, La Finestra sul Cielo, in collaboration with Ceres Alimentazione Naturale, organised a snack for the children who took part in an afternoon performance.
The event was called “Children’s Republic”, the show was based on the story of a nation founded by children.
It was a fun afternoon, during which children got to enjoy snacks prepared with our products: AKRUX plaited loaf and KAMUT bread with blueberry and apricot jam and the great CLIPPER tea drinks!

29 September 2015


Saturday 26 September 2015, we took part in the “Bio Green Gala” at Asolo Golf Club.
The event was a great experience, in an enchanting location, and was also an opportunity to talk about organic produce, which generated lots of interest.

11 June 2015

SANA 2014

As usual, we attended the 26th edition of the Sana exhibition in Bologna, 6 - 9 September 2014, one of the most important events dedicated to certified organic food products and natural and organic cosmetics.
SANA 2014 exhibition was structured in three different sections: food, wellness and other natural products; our stand was located in the food section, inside pavilion 31 (stand A35/B36).
During the three-day exhibition, La Finestra sul Cielo presented many new products: from the irresistible snacks made with seeds, dry fruit and berries, to the popular sorghum flour, daily wellness products and other dietary supplements.
Our stand also included an area dedicated to the companies that work with us, which gave visitors the chance to try many of the delicious specialities prepared for the occasion.

These three days of hard work were well repaid by the number of visitors that showed interest in our stand, as you can see in the photos. This is one of the things that encourage us to continue working hard to improve and keep offering products of great quality.

Summarised in just a few minutes, this is our story, our values and the journey that has brought us where we are today. Enjoy!

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