Legal notes

The La Finestra sul Cielo website is the exclusive property of La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder which has created it for information and communication purposes and is available to Users for commercial and non commercial reasons. The company brand, the products and/or services brands mentioned in the Website pages (including the related logos) and all other distinctive denominative, figurative signs and slogans related to it are exclusively owned by La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder; any use or reproduction of these for any purpose or by any means is expressly and absolutely forbidden and shall have legal consequences. The web pages which form the Site and are contained in it (including the exemplary and non exhaustive following list: texts, images, graphics, sounds) are protected by copyright or include materials whose use has been duly authorized; therefore reproduction, duplication, publication,
transmission of these (in all or in part) in any form and method is forbidden.

No reproduction of the Site or its parts can be sold or distributed for commercial purposes. The downloading of material present on the Site is legal only if expressly authorized with suitable indication inside the web pages; the said authorization exclusively concerns the downloading of material for personal and non commercial use, while any other form of use is absolutely prohibited. Nothing present on the Site can be interpreted as an express or tacit licence in favour of third parties for the use of Brands, texts, images, graphics, sounds and any other item which is a subject of privacy as mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder operates with maximum care possible to select and update the contents of the Website; in any case, it relinquishes any liability in the case where the information reported has loopholes or is incomplete or contains errors of any nature.
La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder likewise declines any other liability for possible damages which can originate from Users and their propriety following access to the Site and the impossibility of accessing the Site or downloading of material present on the Site where it is allowed, including damages to the computer apparatus of the Users due to a virus.

Except for the aforementioned, the data can be freely used by all those who are involved in the products/services sold by the company itself exclusively for personal reasons and to acquire information on our products and on our services.

E-mail addresses or other addresses present on the website cannot in any way be used by potential suppliers or by other individuals for the purpose of sending advertising or direct sale material or for the achievement of market research or commercial communication.

Information to clients and to potential clients

It is stated in advance that for us the client is the individual user of our products/beneficiary of our services, independently of the way with which he has carried out purchases in accordance with Article 13, with articles 23 and 24 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 n° 196 examined, as well as article 130 of the same Single Text and in application of the General Privacy Guarantor Measure of 19/06/2008 we inform that:

We are handling your personal data that you yourselves have supplied to us:
• via your requests for documentation relating to material, information, bids or tenders to our companies or to the companies connected to us;
• on occasion of your visits to our company’s registered offices, or to companies connected with us;
• on occasion of exhibitions, meetings, technical seminars or presentations of products/services;
• in previous product acquisitions or services benefited from via internet sites or directly or our sales agents or companies which belong to our Group;
• direct contact and subsequent telephone calls;

Your personal data is handled for activities essential for the sale of our products, pre-contractual communication, promotion, contact, acquisition, management and order evasion activities herein included, as well as meeting fulfillments and administrative, accounting, customs or fiscal obligations inherent in your acquisition and for post-contractual activities.

More particularly, your data shall be handled by the commercial/marketing office to:
• manage the normal contractual goods and services supply report;
• send catalogues and other product presentation material (considered pre contractual activities);
• manage and control risks, forecast possible fraud, insolvency or non fulfillment;
• carry out the necessary operations for the collection of payments;
• forecast and manage possible disputes and take legal possession of legal channels if the need arises;
• manage accounting, administration, financial flows and the treasury;
• manage the warehouse, logistics and movement of merchandise;
• send technical, informational and updated documents relating to the purpose of acquisitions or services.

Moreover, they will have been processed by the fiscal consultancy office to:
• manage fulfillments of an administrative, accounting, civil and fiscal nature;
• pre prepare and present declarations and documents of a civil-fiscal kind expected by law, regulations, standards and community directives;
• carry out management checks;
• edit the financial statement of the financial year.

Finally, it will be entered into our archives and used (with the General Measure of the Guarantor G.U. 1st July 2008 n° 188/C, drawing up 6, points a, b, c also seen) for the sending of technical, promotional, commercial communications relating to products and services similar to those which are the subject of your previous acquisition or subject of your specific requests. In particular they will be used to send information and communications related to the following also by e-mail:
• commercial services;
• bids and other commercial opportunities;
• promotions and marketing initiatives;
• interactive investigation, research and disclosure services.

The aforementioned processing might be carried out both with paper support and with automated instruments, at the registered office of the Owner of the Processing or at the registered offices of other companies which carry out the same activities connected with the aforementioned purpose and have the same regular contracts. The data shall be preserved for the period strictly necessary for the achievement of the aforementioned purposes or for the tax period imposed by fiscal/administrative laws.

The conveyance of data for purposes inherent in contractual/pre-contractual/post contractual purposes and for the management of legal obligations is compulsory. Therefore, a possible refusal to grant will impede the evasion of orders, the sending of information material or the impossibility to adhere to legal obligations. The granting of data is, instead, authoritative for the purposed of sending advertising or commercial material. With regard to the Privacy Guarantor measures, the sending of the said material might occur even without the consent of the involved party, within the information limits of the new products/services for which there has been client/potential client status, being however informed that such processing can always be opposed initially or on the occasion of subsequent communications.

The personal data entered in the form will not be distributed, or knowledge of it will not be given to indeterminate individuals, in any possible format, including its simple consultation. It might instead, be communicated to our employees, to other internal collaborators or to our consultants. It could moreover be communicated, within strictly necessary limits to individuals who, for purposes linked with the execution of contractual relationships or for the setting up of new contractual relations, must supply assets and/or execute our provisions and services assignment. Finally, it could be communicated to legitimate subjects to access you on the strength of legal measures, regulations and community standards.

In particular the following might be communicated to the following entities:
• other companies which are part of the La Finestra sul Cielo Spa Group;
• Io Srl, corso Tassoni 52 10143 Turin, managing the web site.

With regard to the anticipated measures, our employees and internal or external collaborators have been nominated as “responsible for processing” on the basis of roles and completed working tasks.

Internet site navigation information

Technical Notes
This website belongs to La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder, which is processing the gathered data via the site itself as processing Owner, with the support of the company Io Srl, Corso Tassoni 52 10143 Turin which supplies web management services, and "ISILine SRL" Via Torino, 73 - 12037 Saluzzo (CN) which supplies a Hosting service.
The Owner guarantees the safety, confidentiality and protection of the data which comes into its possession, in any phase of the processing of the same, with respect to the norms set by Decree Laws 196/2003 and with respect for company secrecy.

Processing Owner
After consultation of this site data relating to persons identified or identifiable data can be processed. The processing is owned by La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder with registered office in Villareggia (Turin) at 26 via Rondissone.

Gathering of personal data
Since cookies are not gathered or traced, it is possible to visit the site and access information maintaining anonymity and without revealing any personal data. Likewise, tracing of the pages visited by users inside the side is not kept and information regarding IP addresses, hardware or software used is not collected.

For better management of the site, some information is gathered anonymously for statistical reasons. The computer system produces general statistics, anonymous and with aggregated data via appropriate programs, which are used to establish which information is of major or minor interest and to monitor system services and locate possible crisis areas.
In addition, for security reasons and to assure full service availability for all users, La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder uses traffic control software programs on site so as to identify non authorized attempts to insert or vary information or any other intrusion or attempt to damage.

Data Confidentiality
The Owner does not communicate any personal identification data or information to third parties if not to those who acts as suppliers for the distribution of assistance or maintenance services on the website, possibly and as far as strictly necessary.
We moreover remembers that cookies are not used for the site in question, nor is tracing of visitors IP addresses traced.

Data Protection
Data protection handled by the Owner is assured by physical, logistics and data protection systems. Such systems are based on the adoption of adequate organizational, physical and logical safety measures, and are managed by internal resources dedicated to protection of the data itself.

Rights of the Involved Party
The parties involved can, at any time, exercise rights mentioned in article 7 of the Legislative Decree of 30 June 2003 n° 196, or access their personal data to get to know its use, obtain cancellation, correction, modification, updating, integration or oppose the processing by writing to the Representative for exercising rights ex art. 7, also via mail, to the following address:
La Finestra sul Cielo Spa sole shareholder, 26 via Rondissone, 10030 Villareggia (Turin)


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