Quality & Safety

La Finestra sul Cielo carefully selects its suppliers and the raw materials used in its products by carrying out accurate controls through the competent Quality Control Authorities.
We work in close collaboration with all parties involved in the production process, following carefully all procedures to guarantee the quality of our products.


La Finestra sul Cielo has always confirmed its commitment against OGM (genetically modified organisms), therefore, notwithstanding the European regulation which has varied the tolerance percentage for the presence of OGM in biological agriculture, we remained convinced as far as our position is concerned and we shall also continue to apply our maximum commitment in the quality and production checks with regard to this matter.


Since 1978 Finestra has believed in a healthy respect for the environment and in a health and clean world in which man can develop. A constant commitment in this direction is necessary to maintain the environmental balance that man has inherited from nature.

La Finestra sul Cielo believes in the well-being of man and the environment and for this reason has chosen to adopt a path that it is committed to modify with the wrapping of single products using packaging with less environmental impact and with ecological characteristics. This is a road that will see us committed and aware for the near future, as from today. A commitment which is also respected in the same choice of products, is that we have decided to distribute, for example, hygiene and intimate body care products from the Organycbrand.


La Finestra sul Cielo represents innovation, a commitment which we have respected for many years with consumers always proposing new product lines. We count on keeping our commitment offering new products every year, but always remaining faithful to our Mission and commitment as regards well-being. We guarantee a selection of ingredients and that sugar, milk and its derivatives should never be used.

Many years of intense and passionate work have led La Finestra sul Cielo to its current reality, of a leading company in the market, specializing in biological products, with a nutritional well-being proposal in constant development but also always and absolutely in line with its original principles: for 35 years innovation has been our stimulus and coherence our strength.

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