Products lines

We offer a wide range of different types of products, more than 1,100 in fact, and this is why we created a number of product lines to help our customers recognise the products and the quality of certain items.


Macrobiotics is the art and the science, rediscovered by the Japanese philosopher Gorge Oshawa, that focusses on understanding the interaction between mankind and its diet, lifestyle and the environment it lives in. Macrobiotics emphasises the importance of a diet that contributes to finding the right balance between body and mind in order to live an healthy and harmonious life.
Our MACROBIOTICS line comprises almost 200 products, offering the best of the Japanese diet tradition.


A line of products made with quinoa, a cereal naturally rich of iron, proteins and phosphorous, gluten free and easily digestible.
The variety of quinoa we offer is grown at over 4000 metres of altitude in the saline area of Uyuni.


This is the brand that identifies the ancient variety of Cappelli durum wheat produced using only organic farming practices in accordance with agricultural production standards, which guarantee its high quality and maintain its nutritional characteristics and original flavour.
This line offers a wide selection of products suitable for all needs.


For a super breakfast, start the day with the energy of BuongiornoBio. Biscuits you can happily dunk in your favourite cereal drinks, prepared with exclusive and carefully selected ingredients.


The new and unique unlimited taste of goodness.
To be truly free to enjoy simple and uniquely delicious products that contain no milk: Freechoko


BioFree is GLUTEN FREE wellness. To be free to enjoy living and eating healthily. The guarantee of a gluten free product with organically grown ingredients. A selection of delicious products for all occasions, prepared with care and attention across the entire production process.

SEMPLICE & BIO - puro sapore

Only the very best taste of simple and pure selected ingredients.
A pleasant moment of real "pure taste".

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