We choose carefully all the associations and professionals we collaborate with, in order to promote a healthy diet as a fundamental element for wellness and well-being.
We are open to new opportunities that can lead to an exchange of know-how between both parties, always keeping in mind the passion that drives us: promoting the concept that a good diet that includes organic products contributes to health and well-being.

Find out who are our partners to discover who shares our philosophy and if you wish to collaborate with us, contact us at:



    LUMEN promotes natural medicine, the development of human potential, the responsible education of children, natural cooking and renewable energy, because it believes in creating a sustainable society by promoting principals and methods that lead to a healthy life; this improves the quality of people's lifes, and allows them to be an active part in this changing process. Activities are reserved to members and yearly profits are invested to promote, research and expand the association.
    Take part in these interesting events and learn to take care of your health starting at the table.

    To contact Associazione LUMEN:
    Institute of Natural Medicine, Via Polignano 5
    San Pietro in Cerro, PC


    Associazione CASAINSIEME is a non-profit association founded in 1999 in Canavese by a group of volunteers to create a hospice for people living through the advanced stages of Alzheimer's and a day centre for those affected by the disease. Since February 2007, CASAINSIEME manages, in agreement with the ASL TO4 (Local Health Authority), the Hospice – Centro di Cure Palliative in Salerano Canavese, located in the renovated building complex Villa Sclopis.
    The association, as mentioned in its articles of constitution, promotes and encourages team work, supports operators and volunteers by providing training, offers helpful attitude, understanding towards people's needs, and has the ability to cope even with the most difficult reactions from family members living through the difficulties of this disease, taking into account all the physical, psychological, social, ethical and spiritual characteristics of each individual.

    To contact Associazione CASAINSIEME:
    Via S. Urbano 2, 10010 Salerano (TO)


    Associazione GADOS is a non-profit voluntary association that offers assistance to women who have undergone breast surgery; since 1980, year it was founded, it has been based in S. Anna Hospital and other medical facilities in and around Turin.

    To contact Associazione GADOS:
    Ospedale S.Anna Spezia 60 - TO
    1st floor, route " D"
    Next to Prevenzione Serena
    Tel. 011/3134378 - Mobile 3351565732
    Ospedale Martini, Via Tofane 71- TO
    Ospedale Maria Vittoria, Via Cibrario 72 – TO


    La Sana Gola was born in 1995 from an idea by Martin Halsey, an American biologist and expert in food therapy, nutrition, natural foods, macrobiotics (inspired by Michio Kushi) and traditional Chinese medicine.
    Our method is designed to be simple and accessible to everyone, we do not follow many strict rules that make life complicated, we want a natural food diet to be balanced, enjoyable and pleasant to discover and follow. To this day, the school has welcomed over 6000 students, becoming one of the most important in the natural cooking world. We periodically invite teachers from abroad (Europe and the United States), to provide all-round perspective of our message.

    To contact Associazione LA SANA GOLA:
    Via Carlo Farini, 70 Milan (MI)


    L’Ordine dell’Universo is a non-profit association, established in Milan in May 2005, whose objective is to promote an healthy and balanced diet by following the order of nature, eating the healthy produce of our planet, in the right seasons, cooked in a simple and natural way. It is a philosophy and as such it studies different aspects of human life: behaviour, thought, breathing, physical training, relations, habits, costumes and traditions, culture, ideas, conscience, etc.

    To contact Associazione L’ORDINE DELL’UNIVERSO:
    Centro, Via Belinzaghi, 17, 20159 Milan

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