La Finestra sul Cielo has come a long way since 1978, a journey nearly 30 years long, during which we have experienced and learned a lot, grown professionally, worked hard and passionately, always believing strongly in our core values.

Our Mission

Since 1978 La Finestra sul Cielo chooses and offers healthy food prepared respecting the environment

All products bearing La Finestra sul Cielo brand are prepared with NONE of the following ingredients, not even organic:

refined sugar - non-refined sugar - fructose

Disaccharide, low in other nutrients and refined – disaccharide or
pure glucose, low in other nutrients – monosaccharide and refined

milk and derivatives

Contains animal proteins, lactose intolerance.

When you choose any La Finestra sul Cielo products you can be sure they meet these requirements and have been prepared with your wellness in mind.

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