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La Finestra sul Cielo S.p.a

La Finestra sul Cielo S.p.a. has been active in the organic food sector since 1978, selling its products in Italy and abroad and focussing in particular on food intolerance, macrobiotics and vegan food.
Thanks to our passion and hard work, our products have become a reference point on the organic food market and we keep satisfying and acquiring more customers every day.

Supported by years of experience and know-how, we focus in particular on the composition of our branded products, applying strict quality controls and actively selecting and developing our raw materials and suppliers. Ethics and respect for organic products play an important part in our work. This is why we are committed to selecting and selling organic food produced following the same ethical principles that guide us in our work; because being organic is not enough to make a good all-round product.

For this reason, our policy is to carefully select the organic products we choose, in accordance with what we believe is best for people's health and well-being.
Sometimes, we deem a product not suitable for our distribution chain simply because we consider the combination of its ingredients not healthy enough, even if they all have organic origins.
We are open about our guide lines, which we follow scrupulously, and we work hard to deserve your trust: when you see our products on shop shelves, you know you can be sure that they do not contain ingredients such as sugar, milk and its derivatives, and that they have been made as much for your wellness as for your enjoyment.

La Finestra sul Cielo S.p.a - a socio unico

Via Rondissone, 26
10030 Villareggia (TO) - Italia
Tel. (+39) – 0161-455.511
Fax(+39) – 0161-455.595

Amministratore Delegato: Massimo Lorenzoni

La Finestra sul Cielo España S.A.

Sede Legale

28108 ALCOBENDAS - MADRID - España

Sede operativa

Passeig del Riu Besós 1 – P.I. Pla Sota el Molì
08160 Montmeló - Barcelona - España
Tel. (+34) – 937132670


Amministratore unico: Miguel Angel Montesinos

La Finestra sul Cielo France SARL

2060 Allée Saint Maurice
Z.I. Saint maurice
04100 Manosque - France
Tel. (+33) – 492737475
Fax (+33) – 492759479

Amministratore unico: Luc Ronfard

Nat&Bio S.r.l.

Via Ruggero Leoncavallo 9
c/o Retail Park Settimo Cielo
Tel. (+39) - 011 896 8939
Fax. (+39) - 011 8007642

Presidente: Marco Merla
Amministratore Delegato: Mirko Ettore Berti

Nat&Bio is the new point of reference for those who live the healthy life.
A unique ‘organic shop’, where the large variety of products is sustained by knowledge, arranging educational activities and seminars about organic and healthy nutrition.

Naturà S.r.l

Strada Sotto Cerca 7
10030 Villareggia (TO) - Italia
Tel. (+39) – 0161 455114
Fax (+39) – 0161 455002

Presidente: Ivan Lenardon
Amministratore Delegato: Martino Gallo

Natura’ Srl
, a production and packing company, is directly involved with La Finestra sul Cielo Italia, in the specific production control and selection of raw materials for the production malt and many products with Japanese origin.

All of the companies are in constant growth and our objective is new development and evolution. The sharing of ethical principles transmitted by La Finestra sul Cielo Spa is the adhesive which bonds the Group’s companies, while the financial solidity of the Group and its organizational structure are guaranteed and committed to achieve future independence


Via Rondissone 24E
10030 Villareggia (TO) - Italia
Tel. (+39) – 0161 45164
Fax (+39) – 0161 455194

Presidente: Martino Gallo
Amministratore Delegato: Ivan Lenardon

SGLUT is a company specialized in the production of gluten-free products

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