Organic Spelt Syrup

Obtained with the more recent method that use purified enzymes to operate the conversion of the cereal's starch into simpler sugars. With this method we obtain the malt richer in simple sugars compared to traditional malts . This method permits also to produce malts from the single cereal without adding barley.

Lo sciroppo di farro viene prodotto aggiungendo enzimi purificati al farro cotto. Gli enzimi scindono le molecole di amido del cereale in dolce maltosio. Dalla seguente cottura e filtrazione si ottiene uno sciroppo denso e dolcissimo.

  • Code: 1MAFA
  • Quantity: 400g

Tech notes


Store in a cool, dry place.

  • Soluble carbohydrates (gr) 74.4
  • Carbohydrates tot. 74.4
  • Energia Kcal 313
  • Energia Kj 1333
  • Lipids tot. 0.2
  • Protein tot. (gr) 3.6

Ideale per dolcificare e squisito da spalmare su pane e fette biscottate.

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