Organic Kukicha Iced Tea

Cold tea in bottle of 500ml: sweetened with grape juice. Refreshing and pleasent drinks. Available in 5 different flavour: the Kukicha with low caffeine content, green tea or classic peach and lemon. Prepared by infusion method.

In the preparation of this the tea is used treated and purified normal water. The removal of calcium make the water softer and clearer.

  • Code: 1TEKUBO
  • Quantity: 500ml

Tech notes

Infusion of tea Kukicha * (water, tea Kukicha *) (87%), grape juice concentrate * (12%), lemon juice *, natural lemon flavor.

Store in a cool, dry place far from heat sources.

  • Dietary fibers (gr) 0
  • Carbohydrates tot. 7.5
  • Soluble carbohydrates (gr) 7.5
  • Energia Kcal 30
  • Energia Kj 129
  • Lipids tot. 0
  • Protein tot. (gr) 0
  • Saturated tot. (gr) 0

Once opened, store in the fridge and consume within 2-3 days.

The informations contained in this schedule are informative purposes only.
For consumption / use of the product we suggest you to read the label.

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