Organic 4 Mix Seeds

The seeds are rich in fatty acids. They are used to enrich dishes and seasonings or to make bread or biscuits.

Miscela biologica di semi vari.

  • Code: 1SEMI
  • Quantity: 250g

Tech notes

Hulled sunflower seeds* (50%), sesame seeds * (25%), hulled pumpkin seeds * (15%), dark linseed * (10%).

May contain traces of soy, cereals containing gluten, sesame.

  • Dietary fibers (gr) 11
  • Carbohydrates tot. 1.7
  • Soluble carbohydrates (gr) 9.5
  • Energia Kcal 573
  • Energia Kj 2397
  • Lipids tot. 50
  • Protein tot. (gr) 21
  • Saturated tot. (gr) 5.7

Use on salads , in baked products or preparing the muesli or as a snack.

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