Organic Porridge With Red Fruits

Classic porridge based on oats with red fruits.To enjoy a rich and tasty English breakfast.

Preparato biologico per porridge all'avena con frutti di bosco.

  • Code: 1PORFRU
  • Quantity: 400g

Tech notes

Oat flakes * (85%), toasted coconut flakes *, ground almonds *, puffed quinoa *, lyophilized berries * in varying proportions (raspberries *, blackberries *, blueberries *, strawberries *) (2%).

  • Dietary fibers (gr) 10.5
  • Soluble carbohydrates (gr) 2
  • Carbohydrates tot. 54
  • Energia Kcal 398
  • Energia Kj 1671
  • Lipids tot. 12
  • Protein tot. (gr) 13
  • Saturated tot. (gr) 4.6

Pour the desired quantity of the preparation into a bowl. Add hot water or your favorite vegetable drink, until the mixture is covered. Mix with a spoon and let rest for few minutes until the mixture has thickened. Once the desired consistency has reached, serve as it is or garnish to taste with fresh fruit, seeds, dried fruit and spices.

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