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03 November 2015


A few weeks ago, the “CLIPPER best showcase” competition – in which we awarded prizes to our customers for the best displays of CLIPPER products – came to an end.

The initiative turned out to be very popular; prizes were given out to the best window dressing or displays of CLIPPER products, based on the photographs sent to us by our customers.

As we received so many beautiful pictures, choosing the best was not an easy task, but we are happy to present our three winners:

Farmacia Santissima Annunziata (Parma)
L’Origine (Rovereto)
Naturacrè (Fermigliano)

To see the contest photos click here.

We know best winners


The Pharmacy, with its team of 8 doctors and 3 assistants, is a well-established business in Parma. Recently it has increased its interest in organic food and started searching and focussing on healthy and fair products. This is why it has chosen to offer La Finestra sul Cielo products to its customers: good quality products made to help take care of people’s heath.
Farmacia Santissima Annunziata took part in the “CLIPPER best showcase” initiative with enthusiasm by dedicating its colourful window to “tea time” and setting a table full of different teas, flowers and product cards, including the Clipper product poster.


The business started in Trento in 1980 and was one of the first to offer organic products in Trentino. In 2003 it opened a new branch in Rovereto where its owners, assisted by a team of four, provide their customers with healthy products, sustainable and fair to farmers and the environment.
It chose La Finestra sul Cielo as a partner for the quality and the great variety of its macrobiotic products. The “CLIPPER best showcase” competition has been an opportunity to show off a product of great quality.
L’Origine gave great visibility to the initiative by setting up a stand reminiscent of a tea tree right in the middle of its shop and displaying the entire range of colourful tea boxes on multiple shelves, decorated with branches and flowers, which made a great visual impact.


Alice, the owner, has always been interested and passionate about organic food. To her, organic food means enjoying a healthy, good quality diet and contributing to helping the world.
In 2014, she opened her shop in Fermignano, in the Marche region, with the help of her two assistants. She chooses La Finestra sul Cielo products for their great quality and variety. In particular, she likes Clipper products for the graphics and colours of their boxes, the essential packaging and the unbleached staple-free cotton bags.
Alice happily took part in the “Miglior vetrina Clipper” initiative with a touch of originality by displaying Clipper boxes next to objects with matching colour tones resulting in pleasant and eye-catching combinations.

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