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11 December 2015


Christmas is always a magical moment, craved by young and old alike, for family gatherings and present unwrapping, but above all for spending time together.
The festively decorated and illuminated town puts all in a better mood and there is a flurry of good intentions for the new year.
Here, at ‘La Finestra sul Cielo’, we strongly believe in the sharing of values and so we thought, for your Christmas, to offer you a delicious cake that will surely add a touch more magic to this celebration and allow you to share a moment of exquisite sweetness with your nearest and dearest.
To satisfy those sweetest of teeth, but also for those who carefully watch what they eat, we have created three delicious Christmas cakes with spelt, KAMUT® khorasan wheat and Cappelli AKRUX® durum wheat.
Soft and tasty, they are also perfect for vegans, because they contain no animal ingredients whatsoever.

A special dessert for your special Christmas!

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